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Richard Janis DDS

I want to introduce myself....

My name is Richard Janis and I have been a practicing dentist for over 20 years. I purchased my office in Concord in 2006 and my family and I have been living here in Concord for over 14 years. I do most aspects of general dentistry and work with a great group of specialists when that is needed. I take many continuing education courses, especially in the areas of cosmetic dentistry and implants, in order to provide the best treatments for my patients. I appreciate the chance to help you with your dental needs. I like to provide options for my patients and I will work with you on the best option for you.

I speak Spanish, having spent some time in Mexico when I was younger. I also have a strong background in geriatric dentistry, having worked in a skilled nursing home for many years. Please visit our website at www.dr-richard-janis.com to learn more about our office. My e-mail address is dr.richardjanis@gmail.com. Please e-mail me with any questions you have about dentistry and I will get back to you personally. We accept most insurance plans and my staff will answer any questions you have about insurance.

Our office restores dental implants and we do veneers, all porcelain crowns, and teeth whitening as well as other cosmetic procedures. I am a strong believer in preventative dentistry and my staff and I will work hard to help our patients maintain good oral health. I welcome any questions that you have. Even if it is not something you want to proceed with but just something you want more information about, I would be happy to discuss this with you.

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-March 2013

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richard janis
1949 Parkside Dr, Concord, CA 94519 | email: dr.richardjanis@gmail.com     | call: (925) 689-4020 - Dentist Concord CA
1949 Parkside Dr, Concord, CA 94519 | email: dr.richardjanis@gmail.com | call: (925) 689-4020
Dentist Concord CA